This are the steps you need to start your incorporation process in Mexico.

  1. Know where you will be operating in Mexico.
  2. Have all necessary documentation ready for us to start incorporation process.
  3. Answer our simple questioner so that we can have a basic understanding of what you want to do or how you need your company to operate in Mexico. Answer questioner here.
  4. Pay Fee in USD + VAT(16%). (All Payments are non refundable, if company does not get created, it is due to lack of information or not giving all the necessary documents to incorporate your company, we have a 100% success rate.)
  5. After this we will contact you to get all documentation needed to start the process.
  6. Please note that basic information as copies of passports, Immigration documents, RFC of involved parties and any other needed document is not included in this price nor is it our responsibility to obtain in behalf of interested parties. ( we may assist you in the process if you need us to do so, at an extra cost)
  7. All forms are time stamped and the process will initiate after receiving full payment.  Upon receiving all information and documents will the process start.  Incorporation process can take from 2.5 weeks to 3.5 weeks. After this you will have a fully registered company in Mexico with RFC, good standing at SAT form and Power of attorney to the specified person.
  8. To obtain Firma Electronica Avanzada, takes half a day, person with power of attorney has to do the process if you would like for us to arrange this please contact us at an extra cost.
  9. To open Bank Account process will take about 2 to 4 weeks, For this you need RFC, FIEL, service bill as proof of address, Passports with Immigration permits and good standing with SAT letter. If you would like our help with this process please contact us.
  10. To obtain your IMMEX you need company RFC, FIEL, good standing at SAT letter, a validated address in Mexico, Certified copy of your incorporation as a company, A title to the facility or lease contract of the facility where you will have IMMEX program, contracts with companies outside of Mexico that enable you to export, detailed manufacturing process of your operation, detail info of inventory control. To get IMMEX process help please contact us. Process can take up to 6 months.
  11. PROSEC import-export permit for help with this process please contact us for all needed information. Process can take up to 4 to 6 months
  12. Vat Certification Type A, for this type of certification you first need to have been operating your IMMEX program for at least 12 Months, if you meet this first criteria please contact us for help in obtaining your certification and more information on process.